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Importance Of Self Grooming Session



Personal grooming is very important. To be able to function and fit-in in today’s society, you must make sure your personal grooming is up to the standards. Job opportunities, relationship possibilities, and invitations to parties and other social events are all inextricably linked to how you present yourself to the world. Grooming is simply one of those things that there is no excuse not to take time and effort with.
Understanding the significance of self-grooming, Wagons Skill Foundation associated with All India Institute of Local Self-Government Pune (AAIILSG) to create awareness about grooming and to also highlight the opportunities in this field.

Location & Date: Pune on May 12th, 2016.
Guest of Honour: This session was conducted by Mrs. Sangeeta Purandare.
No. of Participants: Around 30 students were part of the session.

Objective & Scope

Physical appearance affects overall personality. It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. Hence, grooming as a career has endless possibilities both in terms of earning potential and variety. Understanding the scope of opportunities in this field, Wagons Skill foundation made an endeavor to communicate the benefits of this career option to the young aspirants of AAIILSG. The participants gave an enthusiastic response as they were  able to understand the practical applications also.

Grooming Session Highlights

  • Importance of grooming and the various career avenues offered by it.
  • Specialization offered in the field of grooming.
  • Demonstration of various grooming activities for face, hair, make up, etc.
  • Helps to increase self confidence.
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