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Self-Assessment Program Of Computer Skills



In this computer era, we depend on the computer to help us complete tasks, and to solve problems. Computers are used in almost all fields in some form.
It becomes very important for children of today’s age to learn how the basic concepts related to a computer works, gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation, knowing about the basic components of a computer, the basic concepts behind the use of computers and knowing how some of the elementary computer applications constitute computer education.

Understanding the need of the hour, Wagons Skill Foundation arranged a self-assessment of computer skills for students of AIILSG College.

Location & Date: AIILSG, Pune on February 5th, 2017.
Guest of Honour: This session was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Raj.
No. of Participants: Around 40 students were part of the session.

Objective & Scope

It has become imperative that to know basic computer skills to survive in the world. Hence a training on the assessment of computer skills was undertaken at AIILSG to focus upon the current knowledge level of under privileged children and to guide and train them on the required skills. The participants were happy with this session as they were able to understand their computer skill levels.

Computer skill Assessment Session Highlights

  • Assess the computer skills of the participants.
  • Build their capability through vocational training.
  • Highlight the benefits of computer knowledge and skills.
  • Determine the areas of strengths and development for the participants in computer skills.
  • Inform about opportunities available with the knowledge of computer skills.
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