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Turn Failure into Success in 6 Simple Steps

Turn Failure into Success in 6 Simple Steps

Nothing is permanent in life; neither good times nor bad.  Sometimes, events happen in life over which we have very less or no control.  It is easy to change things that are under our control, however changing things that are not under our control is as difficult.  For example, on one hand, it is under our control to wake up early, be disciplined and work hard.  On the other hand, falling sick inspite of having taken care of the diet and not receiving an appraisal that you did not deserve is certainly not in our hands.  So what do we do about the things that happen in our life that makes us feel demoralized and miserable?  We only have two options in life!  The first option is to feel bad about whatever has happened.  Keep thinking and talking about it, blame situations and people for whatever has happened and brood over it with a lot of self-pity and make the bad feeling grow in intensity and dominate your life.  The other option is to look at the event in isolation, by detaching the event from you as a person and develop a solution based approach in dealing with it.

Here are SIX Steps to help you succeed through failure:

Are you clear about what you exactly want?Turn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-02

Knowing what you exactly want in life is the first and most important step to begin with.  Defining success for you is important.  It is essential to develop a sense of maturity to separate ‘what you want’ from ‘what others expect you to want’ in life.  Writing your goals is a good way to build faith in what you want to achieve in life.  Goals set for and by yourself must be specific, realistic and achievable.  Unrealistic and unachievable goals do more harm than expanding your horizons.  It is a good idea to discuss and seek advice from professionals and mentors to gain more clarity on what exactly you want in life.  Identifying your strengths at par with what you want in life can act as an accelerator to  enable you move forward from where you are to where you want to go.

Acknowledge good things in your lifeTurn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-03

All of us in this world have our own share of good and bad times.  Do we really recognize the good times and express our gratitude for it in our life?  Many of us seldom do so.  We take such times for granted as you believe that this is how life should be.  It is more important to acknowledge whatever little you have like the  virtues of being talented, having a supportive family and your ends being met through the resources you earn.  It is said that the more you are thankful for whatever you have, the more you get from the universe.  These positive feelings have frequencies and they positively impact the universe around you and me.

Accept the delays, rejections and failuresTurn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-04

Acceptance of the bad phase and experiencing it is the most difficult thing to do in life.  The suffering increases when we avoid doing that and keep brooding about how things have gone wrong.  We prefer to brood in the vertex of such negative emotions. The minute one starts accepting the delays, rejections and failures and starts consciously experiencing the feeling, the suffering gradually decreases.  The pain gets aggravated when we run away from acceptance.

Awareness about reactions and thoughts are importantTurn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-05

After accepting the situation that you are in, it becomes important to analyse it. The problem may be because of you or somebody else.  It could be the situation, the environment, the geographical or demographic reasons etc.  Identifying your thoughts and reactions to such things become crucial.  At this juncture, it become important to introspect, observe your own feelings and take charge of it.   If things are under your control one can work out a mature plan of action to deal with it.  One can increase his or her area of influence to bring the circle of concern under control. 

Affirmations make you mentally strongTurn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-06

An affirmation is a positive statement which is similar to making  a promise or a pledge. Affirmations are positive in nature and they attract good things.  A person experiencing rejections or failure is expected to consciously use positive words.  This is because the word spoken or written have a lot of power.  Affirmations subconsciously acts as a vehicle to change the mental framework of a person.  The psychic energy of an individual gets channelized in the right direction through affirmations and this gives the strength to grow through failure.

Are you being open and trying to do things differently?Turn Failure into Success in 6 easy steps-07

Being open and less rigid can make wonders in overcoming the feeling of failure.  There is no fixed way of doing things.  Some ways would have worked for a few, while for others,  other ways of doing the same thing would have made them achieve success faster.  Just as there is no one way to bake a cake, being open to understand recipes and choosing the best method to bake a cake for yourself easily and fast is what that matters the most!

The phase that you are in today is temporary.  It may be good, may be bad.  Let us develop the attitude to acknowledge the good and accept the bad…

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