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Wagons Banking & Finance Training Module

Wagons Banking & Finance Training Module

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Wagons Learning’s BFSI Training Program

Our training program is all about discovering the art of influencing self and others to create business results beyond ordinary. Improving productivity of sales team through continuous learning and evaluation at various levels. This is a very unique approach of creating value to the customers beyond functional value addition. Objective is to ensure that we are still the preferred supplier in-spite of competition matching the price and other functional requirements of the customer.

Specific objective would be get the Mind Share and an emotional buy-in from the customer towards BFSI Institution. As we know, every buying decision in this world is emotionally justified by logic. These programs are aimed at, creating relationship & bonding both at personal level and at an organizational level to enable Bank/Financial Institution & its customers to build a high-performance business partnership. This approach not only reduces the vulnerability in business share but also enables Bank/Financial Institute to focus more on building better market share and business volumes than focusing on retaining customers and sales team in this competitive environment.

These programs are aimed at empowering sales force to identify specific strategies to create VALUE to the customers. They are split broadly into four categories.

  1. These programs are aimed at empowering sales force to identify specific strategies to create VALUE to the customers. They are split broadly into four categories.
  2. Building personal competency in every sales person to make him believe in this process and make him competent to create value.
  3. Arriving at specific strategies to implement the initiatives both at personal level and organizational level.
  4. Developing robust monitoring mechanisms to measure the impact of the implementation and link the same to business results

Aim Of Our Selling Skills Courses For Managers:

Our courses aim to provide Bankers/Managers with the skills that they need to develop effective relationships with Customers, when selling financial & structured products. The courses focus on techniques for identifying, building, and extending the relationship of trust and mutual benefit with clients on behalf of your Institution, thereby ultimately increasing the quantity and quality of sales made.

Objectives Of The Training:

By the end of these highly-tailored courses, participants are typically able to:

  • Enhance their personal selling and relationship style to achieve better result.
  • Improve their prospecting and initial client calling techniques when calling High Net Worth Individual clients.
  • Enhance customer relationship management skills and identify cross selling opportunities.
  • Match products to client needs.
  • Use an effective objection-handling structure to turn ‘NO’ into ‘YES’.
  • Make use of persuasive, non-manipulative closing techniques to gain commitment from clients at each stage of the sale.
  • Develop, maintain, and extend relationships with clients throughout the lifetime of their clients
  • Sell more on behalf of your bank when dealing with High Net Worth Individuals.

Our unique method which has been demonstrated to help managers to generate more business with High Net Worth Individuals and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals. Whether your bank/financial institution is seeking to find new clients in the banking space, or to develop further your relationships with existing clients, our Selling Skills Methodology will help you to increase the profits of your Bank / Financial Institution.

Networking Skills: -

Let our team customize a program, based on your specific business objectives, which can be aligned with your culture, vision, priorities, and learning preferences of your staff. We can deliver any one of our skill enhancing courses on-site at your location, or off-site at an external venue.

To know more or avail benefits of this program

, write us at contact@wagonslearning.com or call 020-65606055.

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