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Top Automotive Corporate Training Company in India

Top Automotive Corporate Training Company in India

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Unlike the world markets, the Automobile segment in India is witnessing healthy growth. New products are being introduced in almost all the automobile categories across commercial and non-commercial segments. With the growth of automobile companies, the ancillary and allied companies too are witnessing growth. Managing growth necessitates skilled manpower.
Wagons Learning is the leading automotive corporate training company which partners almost all the key automobile, ancillary and allied companies to fulfill the manpower development needs of the segment. From product training to interpersonal skills, from training dealer sales force to company’s direct sales force, from grooming leaders to team building, from Automotive sales training to customer retention training Wagons Learning has offered these and many other training solutions to the Automobile companies and the ancillary units, to fuel their growth.

Wagons Learning helps organizations

  • Expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives. • Provide a measurable return on investment for their training Investments, creating the business justification for training expenditures. • Assess employee competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and create development plans to enable effectiveness and growth.
  • Efficiently and thoroughly develop and retain employees while minimizing time away from the office for training. • Maximizing organizational performance by implementing and administering a learning solution to help simplify client’s training requirement. • Provides centralized managerial and administrative support services. A team of learning experts will ensure that the training solution is smoothly implemented.

Wagons Philosophy & Methodology

The focus on your needs forms the foundation of Wagons philosophy. Wagons deliver training programs with cutting-edge techniques and methodology that equips people with the right skills, knowledge, and behaviour to help them achieve their career goals. In order to ensure this happens, Wagons focuses on the scientific assessment of each client’s need and an accurate evaluation of training delivery to reach end goals of each program.


Wagons Learning Pvt. Ltd. is the Leading Automotive Sales Training Providers In India providing solution or the auto and ancillary industry include:

Profiling for Sales and Service Personnel

  • Product Training
  • Post Training Facilitation
  • Sales Management Processes
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Customized Solutions for the Dealer Owners – Business Enterprise Management
  • CD-based and Web-based solutions to reinforce the classroom sessions
  • Process Improvement through Benchmarking
  • Vision and Strategy Deployment

Industry Segments

  • 2 wheelers
  • Passenger vehicles
  • 3 wheelers
  • Tractor Industry
  • Tyre Industry
  • Auto ancillaries
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Lubricants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Auto Finance

Wagons is one of the best automotive corporate training company in India. Covers various industry verticals; Automotive, Banking & Finance, IT & ITES, Pharma & Healthcare.

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