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tempering the temperament of people at work
tempering the temperament of people at work

Tempering the temperament of people at work

  February 11, 2020

It is said organizations are made of people. It is also said that people are the most complex organisms in this world because of the way they behave. The challenge emerges when people have to work together to achieve common goals. This gives rise to ego clashes because of the differences in their behaviors and opinions. According to biological anthropology, the biological and behavioral aspects of human beings vary and building sensitivity around their temperaments is important in order to succeed at workplace. This calls for being able to recognize their characteristic traits and accordingly communicating with them. Broadly people can be classified on the basis of 4 Ds. Discoverers, Disciplinarians, Drivers and Dramatizers. The 4 C approach also gives us the way ahead to communicate and collaborate with the 4 D temperaments at work.

Approach #1

Crossing boundaries for the Discoverers

crossing boundaries for the discoverers

Discovers are the set of people who are extremely fun loving. They are energetic and love exploring new ideas. The discoverers don’t find stereotypes interesting; they generally get bored with the typical way of thinking. Innovation is their way of life. Once you identify the person you are interacting with is a Discoverer, you need to change your language to be successful in collaborating with him. It could be your colleague or client. Words like different, adventure, out of the box, exciting impress them.

Approach #2

Commanding perfection to a Disciplinarian

commanding perfection to a disciplinarian

Conversely, the Disciplinarians like a systematic approach. They like formats and structures. The organization is the key to them. So, if you are a very creative person, stay within your limits. They don’t get impressed with too many abstract ideas. So, if you have to team up with a Disciplinarian you need to be punctual and perfect. They expect others also to be organized and time conscious. Words like planned, organized, structured, systematic and facts appeal to them instantly.

Approach #3

Conversing up to the point with a Driver

conversing up to the point with a driver

Drivers are the autocratic leaders. They are direct and don’t beat around the bush. Since they are confident and assertive, they get influenced by people who are like them. So, if you have to win over a Driver don’t waste their time by talking about things which are irrelevant to them. Jump to the point and speak up. If word like challenging, strategic, vision are used in the language while communicating with a Driver, it would be an advantage.

Approach #4

Conveying emotions to a Dramatizer

conveying emotions to a dramatizer

A Dramatizer is an individual who is sensitive and cooperative. These are the peacemakers who are humble and animated. They are the people who think from their heart and ensure coordination. While interacting with Dramatizers words like passion, emotions and empathy will work wonders with them.

So, with the ability to understand the temperaments of people, consciously using the appropriate language to interact with them will enable you win over their confidence and trust. Once you learn the art of tempering the temperaments of people at work, success is sure to be your way!

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