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Team-Building Ideas for New-Age Companies

Team-Building Ideas for New-Age Companies

 July 26, 2017 communication, employees, gaming, learning, problem-solving, productivity, skills, team, Team Buildiing, training

The purpose of team-building games is to encourage your team members to get to know each other – how they think, solve tasks, and cooperate with others. These activities are designed to be both enjoyable and educational, and no matter how they may differ, the one thing they have in common is the motivating factor. Team-building activities need to increase the overall performance of the team and motivate team members to perform to the best of their abilities.
Unfortunately, companies don’t invest much in team building – they do nothing and hope for the best. However, it’s probably the most important investment you’ll make, and if you manage to get your employees to enjoy being around each other, the productivity and efficiency in the workplace will increase notably. Here are some great team-building ideas for new-age companies, with employees who don’t really want to attend company picnics.

1. Human Knot (15-30 minutes)

This game works on communication, problem-solving, and team building. The groups can include from eight to twenty people, and no materials are needed. The participants are instructed to stand shoulder to shoulder, forming a circle. Everyone should raise their right hand in the air and grab the hand of a person standing across the circle. Next, they should raise their left hand and grab the hand of another person. Everyone should hold hands with two different people. The aim of the game is getting untangled without anyone letting go of their hands, and in case that happens – everyone has to start over.

2. Minefield (15-30 minutes)

Now, minefield is an excellent outdoor team-building game for improving team members’ relationships, trust, and to get them to communicate effectively. Use the service of a charter bus rental for corporate trips, and spend some time in nature with your employees, in a big park or near a lake, for example. What you need is an open space in which you’ll distribute “mines” – bottles, balls, or cones. Place them arbitrarily around the area, pair team members into teams of two, and blindfold one of them. The other one can’t enter the field, but can talk and see, thus navigating their blindfolded partner through the minefield.

3. The Perfect Square (15-30 minutes)

This game focuses on leadership skills and strong communication. You need a blindfold for each team member and a long piece of rope. Have all participants stand in a circle and hold a piece of the rope. Instruct them to put their blindfold on, set the rope down, and walk a short distance away from the circle. Without removing their blindfolds, everyone should come back and try to form a square with the rope. If you want to make things harder, instruct some participants to stay silent.

4. Egg Drop (1-2 hours)

Tools for this game are assorted office supplies and an egg carton. Divide the participants into two or more small groups of three to five people, and give an uncooked egg to each group. The office supplies are put in a pile, and each group has no more than 30 minutes to build a contraption around the egg using the supplies. The contraption will keep it from breaking when dropped. You can use packing material, plastic utensils, rubber bands, straws, tape, pencils, or newspaper. When the time is up, each group should drop an egg contraption from the third floor of the building. The team whose egg remains unbroken wins. The game uses problem solving and teamwork to bond team members.

Even though some find it boring, team building is very important because it encourages communication, builds trust, and increases collaboration. Only when the employees are engaged is when you can call any team building effort effective. It is good for your company culture, can be adventurous, and quite fun. Rest assured that you’ve got everything right if there was a sense of accomplishment and excitement, laughter, and a few Facebook photos.

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