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World Youth Skill Day Activity

Location of Seminar in Pune regarding importance of youth skill day.
Introduction about Wagons Skill Foundation
CSR executive with trainer providing information about skill day
Trainer delivering Seminar on Time Management& other skills
Trainer Delivering Seminar self-confidence
Wagons CSR executive with teaching staff
Student interaction session
Wagons CSR executive with teaching staff and trainer


In India to match up with World Youth Skill Day, the Government of India came up with the “Skill India” Movement. The first edition of “India Skills Competition” was to be inaugurated on World Youth Skills Day on 15th July 2017. The main objective of this is to scope up and help the young talents and provide more opportunities for them. Also, to spread awareness among the parents and teachers what are the abilities of youths and what they can do. It is estimated that by 2020, average age of the Indian citizen will be 29 and set to become the world’s youngest country. The skill India’s main motive is to provide the youths with training and guidance in all the occupation as per their choice like construction, Jewellery, Agriculture, Tourism, etc. Train, build confidence and make them aware of the new opportunities from the school level itself.

Location & Date: Shri Khanderai Pratishthan’s college of Education, Balewadi Pune; 15th July 2017
Guest of Honour: This program was conducted by Prof. Bhimrao Chinchakar

Scope of the Activity

  • To improve skills in student for their bright future.
  • To provide adequate education to these people to make them good citizens and have a better future through vocational training.
  • It aims to bring about a positive change not only in their lives but in the society through time and business management skills.
  • Provide self-confidence and motivation to them for good career path.

Session Highlights

Discussed following points with the students

  • Technical/ Work-specific skills are specific to a job and are not easily applied in other environments or situations. These skills tend to be technical and specialized.
  • Functional/transferable skills can be applied in most environments and situations. They incorporate various combinations of data, people, and thing skills. Examples of functional skills include communication, planning, organizing, managing, analyzing, and problem-solving.
  • Self-management skills (sometimes referred to as personality traits) are related to how we conduct ourselves and are rooted in temperament. Examples of these skills include taking the initiative, resourcefulness, being good-natured, and reliability.
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