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Training on Paper & Cloth bag making @ Katraj, Pune



The use of plastics has grown to a great extent in our daily life and now plastics has become an integral part of our life. But many of the serious and ill-effects of thishave been noticed by hundreds of scientists and ordinary people by the way these plastic products are used. Today, the use of plastics is so large and frequent that the ecological balance has been completely damaged, and its serious consequences have been found on animals and humans.

Considering all these serious issues, the anti-plastic bag campaign has been started by Wagon’s Skill Foundation. Under this initiative we are creating awareness among youth & women regarding the ill-effects of using plastic bags and in-turn training them to make bags using recyclable material like paper & cloth.

Location & Date: “Gajba Research and Training Institute, Katraj, Pune.” on April 10th, 2018.
Guest of Honour: This session was conducted by Mrs. Ashwini Yadav, Educational Officer at Pune Municipal Corporation
No. of Participants: Around 60 women were part of the session

Objective & Scope

  • To understand the awareness of people on the usage of paper bags and cloth bags.
  • To understand the perception of participant after this program
  • Inform about opportunities available with the paper bags and cloth bags market demand
  • To understand the change in behavior of people after this program

Session Highlights

The ease with which plastic has spread its network, it has become equally difficult to eradicate and reduce its use & existence. To help us curb this issue, experienced coach – Rekha Kapase provided training to women on how to make paper and cloth bags. She gave information about the quantity of paper used and paper bag market demand and how it can be seen as a new business opportunity. The participants were delighted with this session as they were able to understand the importance of this campaign and also were able to look at a new business opportunity for themselves.

CSR Coordinator Rajkumar Dalvi of the Wagon’s Skills Foundation said that the anti-plastic campaign will continue even on a larger scale, so that maximum awareness is created among the public.


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