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Training and Awareness Drive Towards Cashless Society

Introducing the participants to the concept of Cashless Society
Audience Engrossed in the Training Programme
Audience Engrossed in the Training Programme
Query solving session at the end of Programme
workshop witnessed gathering of businessmen, traders, students
Speaker taking questions from the audience
Speaker addressing the gathering
Pune Merchant’s Chamber Chairman - Mr. Pravin Chorbele addressing the audience.


In view of the demonetization move by the central government and need to move towards cashless society, there is cautious approach on part of the people. To quell those fears, clarify doubts, create awareness and motivate people to participate in cashless society; Wagons Skill Foundation arranged a training and awareness program for members of the Pune Merchant’s Chamber; which is a representative association of wholesalers and retailers in Pune.

Location & Date: Merchant Chamber, Pune on December 15th, 2016.
Guest of Honour: This session was conducted by Mr. Meghasham Chaudhari.
No. of Participants: Around 30 merchants were part of the session.

Objective & Scope

The objective behind conducting a training program on Cashless society was to create awareness about benefits of going towards cashless society like reduction in real estate fraud, corruption, money laundering, fake currency, stash of cash and funding of anti-social activities.

Mr. Meghasham Chaudhari a Management, Entrepreneurship and Behavioral Skills Trainer, gave insights on various aspects associated with the cashless society movement. As this movement needs management of funds, and behavioral change by people; he explained these concepts in a lucid language with relevant examples.

Session Highlights

  • What do you mean by cashless society?
  • Necessity of going cashless.
  • Advantages of moving towards cashless society.
  • Role of Individuals – Increase usage of Aadhar cards, digital wallets, net banking, and bank instruments etc. for their expenses.
  • Cashless Payment Options.
  • Q & A session.

Merchant’s chamber was well represented by Chairman Mr. Pravin Chorbele, Secretary Mr. Chavan, directors & functionaries of chambers and huge number of members.

Director of Wagons learning Mr.Raviraj Poojary has informed that they will continue their contribution to this movement by way of awareness drive and will use various platforms for this. His plans are being ably executed by his team of Project Managers Ms.Pallavi Menon and Rajkumar Dalvi among others.

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