Six Signs of a Highly Impactful person
Six Signs of a Highly Impactful person

Six Signs of a Highly Impactful person

It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. Yes, though it is important to be open, ironically we as individuals constantly keep judging people and things.  So, even before you get to know a person well and start interacting with him or her you have already created some perceptions about that person. These perceptions play a very critical role in establishing a relationship of trust with others.  Have you ever wondered what are those aspects of an individual’s personality that silently communicates so much about the person to others?  Technically, we call it the non-verbal communication and is commonly known as body language. 

Let us take a close look at the Six Signs, that frequently determines whether the person has created a positive impact in the minds of others.

Sign 1 – Look into the eyes of the others as you talk to them. While staring into the eyes of the other may make him/ her feel intimidated, too much of emotions while looking into the eyes of the other especially in a professional set up may make the other feel quite uncomfortable.    In a business set up, looking into the eyes of the other should be appropriate to make the other feel comfortable and in sync with what you are communicating.  Lack of eye contact often is related to the person not being genuine or honest.

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Sign 2 – Keep your posture straight.  It is said that the right posture plays a vital role in boosting the confidence levels in an individual.  When you keep your spine erect and walk with your head held high above shoulders, you will be surprised to experience a gush of confidence and optimism in your body.  Feeling great about yourself plays an instrumental role in building your credibility.  You are being perceived by others, the way you carry yourself.

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Sign 3 – Smile is contagious.  The most important 5 letter word that makes you and others feel pleasant is Smile.  A smile can make even a grumpy person graceful.  A smile has the ability to transform a stressful situation to an enjoyable situation.  According to some scientists, it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown.  Hence it is advisable to smile more effortlessly than frown and keep fit.

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Sign 4 – Be composed.  Fidgeting is one thing, which all restless and anxious people indulge in. Tapping toes, breaking knuckles, making noise using a pen or biting nails are some habits that we were either born with or we developed them over a period of time.  Being aware and conscious of your mannerisms and mending these habits are a must if you want to develop into a person who inspires others.

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Sign 5 – Dress for the occasion. What one wears is determined to great extent on whether the person is going for a party, wedding, meeting or a date.  Shades of clothes, accessories, make up, foot wear, bags, nails, skin and hair should complement your personality.  You need to be responsive in not wearing your favourite pair of ear danglers for an interview.  A basic sense of hygiene needs to be maintained by bathing regularly and not having a bad body or mouth odour.  The clothes have to be washed and ironed well, nails and hair washed and properly trimmed.

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Sign 6 – A firm handshake communicates warmth and confidence to the other.  The web of your hand should perfectly meet the web of the other’s hand.  A brief eye contact followed by a smile and one or two hand-shakes qualifies a perfect and professional handshake.  Care needs to be taken in ensuring that you do not continue to hold the hand of the other for too long to shake hands, offer additional warmth by shaking with both hands and also not to give only your fingers in a handshake.

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As the famous quote says, action speaks louder than words.  The way you act and present yourself as a far-reaching effect in creating an impact as you meet and interact with people.  The perceptions created would certainly be in favour of you and determine success.  So keep inspiring by following the six signs of success!

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