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Self Leading – The Ground Rules for Leaders

Self Leading – The Ground Rules for Leaders

 January 30, 2016

We have been blessed to read, listen, see and feel many great things around however any book, any article, videos composed on leadership hardly talks about self leading. In my blog today I want to change the way people perceive and think about leadership completely. My article is dedicated to all those who are master of self leading and demonstrated the apex of leadership. There are many who self lead to the glories, many I don’t think I have attained that knowledge so to say how many were there? neither I m so intellectual as they were, to gain self knowledge of knowing things around without reading, listening, hearing or seeing? I wonder would each one of us can attain that highest peak of self leading, and the answer as for as my knowledge goes is, Yes we can and we have all that is to attain the highest peak of self leading. Buddha said ” A man can only become Buddha”, if Buddha can Yes we can to; but let me warn you its not easy to walk on that path of self leading, the road is full of pot holes!!. Swami Vivekananda a great speaker ever born in India Said it ” All knowledge that the world has ever received comes from the mind; the infinite library of the universe is in our own mind. If Buddha, Adhi Shankaracharya, Swami Vivekanand, Bulleh Shah, Santa Shisunala Sharifa, Meera Bhai, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, J Krishnamurthi, Sri Ramanujacharya, Jesus, Prophet Mohammed and many other self lead and savored the fruits of self leading.You must be wondering what is he up-to and how does self leading help any leader?

According to my research self leading can help you a lot in leadership and leading. Firstly let me define what is “Self leading means leading people to the better world, to reach the pinnacle of spiritual mountain”. As a leader the most important duty is to lead people from where they are to where they want?
Above mentioned Gurus I call them real leaders, never asked any one to follow them, I have never seen any add in any newspapers from Swami Vivekananada asking people to follow him and his vision. People involuntarily followed him without any reasons, they trusted these leaders from the bottom of their heart. They were good in leading themselves, they were the messengers carried a solid message to mankind. They changed people around and lived only for people not for themselves, every action were in favor of people. Even though people were skeptical to follow these leaders their determination and power of integrity made them stand tall when tough winds rocked them. They were rock solid stood for what they believed and what they thought and their vision for mankind.

Here are some the qualities which you don’t see in today’s leaders.

Integrity -

The basis of any leadership is Integrity many political leaders of India, doesn’t know the meaning of this word. Integrity can be defined ” The set of principles, moral values, which are learned in life time, which helps the society and people”. Its a strong belief of a leader which leads him to right path.

Honesty –

I suppose in today’s environment, you can’t find honest people. It’s very hard, Ghalib said it profoundly” What do I say about my business, I sell mirror in the world of blind”. Likewise honesty is not the word which is sold anywhere, its good to talk when you are in a meeting, boardroom. but as you walk out, you better forget it because Honesty doesn’t exist in anyone’s dictionary.

Selflessness –

I do not know how do I explain, hoping that I will do Justice. This quality is only attained when you see world as yours and all as your family, sisters,brothers, and anything and everything around is yours. which is tough task to learn, it takes lot of dedication, determination and practice to learn and feel the world as yours. ” Remember there is no one who can make you happy or sad, if any one can… then Its only YOU”. These Gurus or leaders, practices through meditation, they liberated themselves from any material attachment, they had a vision and a mission to reach, they felt the world around them is not the actual world they see. Santa Shishunala Sharifa in his poem says ” Manase manasina manasa nillisuvadu, manasina mana tiliyuva mana byarelo manase”. which means ” What is there, is not there, what is not there, is alone there”.

Strong belief in Vision –

Some of us have great vision for our country however as we know leaders of today don’t succeed. We have had a good discussion about why?

  • Anna Hazare a selfless leader, could not build on to the momentum created by his vision, I feel sad that we people did not support him.
  • I felt for some odd reasons, any momentum created by a leader is perceived as the propaganda to pursuit self interest.
  • People feel that today’s leaders do not practice what they preach.
  • Our leaders do not have belief in their vision.
  • They build a team which doesn’t succeed rather the team makes the leader to loose.
  • Leaders don’t have courage to stand for what is right, they either give up after some time (This happened with Anna Hazare, his team destroyed his vision). I feel nowadays people are not taking them seriously, its not a good sign for any upcoming leader who has the guts to change.

These are some of the qualities of great leaders, there are many however a blog no matter how intellectual and knowledgeable you are? its not enough explain all their qualities,I would like to thank all those who made difference in our society and I feel they made this world a better place to live on… Chanakya in his master class Niti Shastra said ” If a fool wants to accompany a wise man in his journey, he should continue his journey resolutely alone.. there is no friendship with a fool”.

An article by Sanjey S Meghavath

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