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Rising need of Employee Engagement

Rising need of Employee Engagement

 May 11, 2016

“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow”

– Jack Welch

Organizations have widely acknowledged the fact that a “Happy worker is a productive worker”. The missing link to derive customer satisfaction and in return draw profits has been discovered. But what really is an engaged employee?

Every individual, whether working at CXO level or front line executive level, has their own benchmark to job satisfaction. For somebody money is the motivation while for other it could be mere job he does. What really matters nowadays is that organizations realize that they don’t leave any missing block in keeping an employee connected to the values, culture and overall goal of an organisation.

An engaged employee will always strive to take positive actions to further the organization’s repute and interests. He is enthusiastically absorbed well into the culture of the organization and lives it by committing to give his 100% each day. There is an emotional connect that employee feels which binds him and influences him to work better each day.

With changing time, it has become mandatory for organizations to carry out programs, activities and policies that keep employees engaged and connected only because of the increasing competition and available options for employees to look out for.

It’s a candidate’s market, so it can be easy for employees to become disconnected and slip away to competing firms. But selecting the right technology for employee engagement can stop disengagement in its tracks.

There are multiple engagement systems available today, but the right one will include the following elements:

  • Frequent check-ins with employees (vs. annual reporting). Morale increases when employees are actively sharing their thoughts and feelings about engagement and being heard by management.
  • Communication tools that open up dialogue. It can be difficult for employees to pinpoint areas where they are unhappy. However, a direct communication system built into the engagement platform can enable more open communication and support.
  • Incentives for participation. When employees know they are actively contributing to the overall improvement of their workplace, they are more likely to participate.
  • Real-time reporting on multiple levels. Organizations should be able to see at a moment’s glance the state of employee engagement using reports that are based on data, multiple levels and visuals.

So does it mean that more competitions and open market has created kind of disloyalty within the employees? Or has it all come down to dedication of an employee? If your employees are already disgruntled, throwing too many perks at them may only create a culture of entitlement.

For any organization that offer its’ employees work life balance, sense of accomplishment for work, growth opportunity (individual as well as hierarchical), training, mentoring and development activities, rewards & recognition and best policies, practices and performance management structure, is making every effort to keep his employee engaged. These provide motivation enough to the individuals to work for better, growth and organization. Increasingly, organizations are focusing on improving their employee engagement to drive better performance. According to a research, employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organization’s financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement. Engaged employees drive the innovation, growth and revenue that growing midsize companies need to thrive.

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