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Richard Coles

Richard Coles

 June 16, 2015

Richard is truly international having lived and worked in 10 countries and trained in 54. With vast experience working in multi-cultural environments he incorporates his valuable background in training of various levels in Leadership and Management subjects. His experience is in all sectors and some best known corporations, in a wide variety of initiatives. He has a practical understanding of the key winning characteristics of effective leaders and their teams. He has helped achieve business success in outstanding customer service, effective management and inspiring leadership.

Richard’s career is with companies of excellence such as Qantas Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Dubai Petroleum Company, and Emirates Airlines. As lead Sales & Marketing Trainer for KLM in Amsterdam and later Leadership Skills Training Manager for Emirates Airlines, he works at senior levels in all his appointments. Themed training courses and seminars, such as ‘Moments of Truth’ customer service seminars, provide a memorable and rewarding learning experience.

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