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Pre-Training Support

Pre-Training Support The Pre – Training period is the most critical factor for the success of any training intervention.

One of the most important pre-requisite to bake a good cake is to pre-heat the oven. Similarly for an effective intervention to develop the capacity of a human capital it is important to understand the current skill levels, processes and the reality. The same can be achieved through different Pre Training interventions such as:

  1. In depth interview with the process owners.
  2. Invitations, Teasers and SMS reminders to create an excitement to attend the programme.
  3. A set of structured pre training assessments. (Questionnaires, Case Studies, Role based Simulations etc.)

Wagons Learning team hand in hand works with their customers to reach to the root and identify exact challenges faced by the participants. The pain area identification helps in customization of the training intervention and make it real, practical and applicable at workplace.

Few illustrations of Pre Training work is listed below:

  1. Training Need Identification (TNI)
  2. Designing the Training Programme
  3. Pre Training Participant Assignments

Training Need Identification (TNI)

The Wagons Learning team conducts a gap analysis and maps the competency levels of the target audience.

On the job observation through field visits:
Our team makes few customer calls with participants and spend time with them during working hours.
For Example : In Selling Skill interventions mandatorily our team will accompany the participants on some of their sales calls.

Survey Questionnaires or Assessment test or Case study
Our team of knowledge experts design the survey questionnaires for different knowledge/technical intervention to exactly understand the knowledge/skill gap.

For example : In Advanced Excel Programs our team mandatorily conduct assessment to understand the current knowledge level of participants.

Mystery Shopping
Our team visit few customer outlets and spend time in the working environment and give a detailed mystery shopping report.

For Example : In Customer Service interventions mandatorily our team will do mystery shopping by being a potential customers and measure the service level at the outlets.

Stakeholders and immediate supervisor meetings:
Our delivery team meets with all the stakeholders to understand their expectations and incorporate the same to achieve best results.

Designing the Training Programme

Post receipt of TNI details by the customers Wagons Learning team prepares the highly customized program outline with multiple level inputs and discussions with stakeholders like L&D team, Business owners etc and submits the same for review. This process clearly sets the objectives to be achieved through the training programme and applicability of learning at workplace is guaranteed.


Pre Training Participant Assignments

Few training interventions will require pre-workshop participant assignments like:

  • Case Studies
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Mock Email exercises
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Team projects
  • Presentations

These assignments given before the training programme and are discussed during the workshop. This ensures participant involvement from a very early stage.