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Post-Training Support

Post Training Support

In order to align the learning outcome with the business objective we are specialised in incorporating a series of Post Training interventions which will ensure a better learning retention and applicability of the learning outcome.

Wagons Learning has firm belief that retention of learning is key to the success of the training intervention and we don’t like to be away from this responsibility. Wagons Learning takes complete accountability of assessing and monitoring progress, engaging participants through reminders as well as planning series of interventions to make the learning map complete.

The post training engagement plan is designed depending upon the participant profile, objectives set and the organizational requirement.

Some of our Post Training Engagement mechanisms:

  1. Evaluation Mechanism
  2. Reminder Mechanism
  3. Follow Up Mechanism

Evaluation Mechanism

  • A set of structured post training assessments, case studies and role based simulations (For KP2 Level Intervention)
  • Monitoring of learning effectiveness- Survey sheet to be filled up by the supervisors based on their observation post 1-3 months of the classroom intervention ( For KP3 Level Intervention).
  • Anchoring the desired change- Simulation/Case study based instructor led or self learning on a regular interval over a period of 6 months ( For KP3 Level Intervention).

Reminder Mechanism

  • Wagons Learning SMS (2/3 Minutes read)
  • Wagons Learning E mailers (relevant to the program attended)
  • Relevent Inspirational Story Boards
  • E- Books on the topics covered
  • Industry Aricles related to the topics covered

Follow Up Mechanism

  • Refresher: Help the customers with content on few key programs which can be converted in to small E-learning capsules (by the organizations for internal refresher training )
  • Certification: Help to run the programs as certification courses thereby building aspirational value for Learning.