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Skill Foundation Workshop / Meditation Awareness Training Programme

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For thousands of years people have used meditation to move beyond the mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotional upsets into the peace and clarity of present moment awareness.

The variety of meditation techniques, traditions, and technologies is nearly infinite, but the essence of meditation is singular: the cultivation of mindful awareness and expanded consciousness.

To spread the awareness of meditation in the society, Wagons Skill Foundation organised a Meditation Awareness Programme in Pune.

Location & Date : Shivajinagar, Pune on October 10thnd ,2015.
Guest of Honour : This program was conducted by Prof. Shrikrishna Shewale.
No. of Participants :  Around 50 participants were part of this session

Objective & Scope

In today’s busy, ever-demanding world, we find ourselves constantly running around, fulfilling obligations, and getting things done, we forget to reflect on our own mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, this program was initiated for senior citizens, students and women to address the benefits of meditation and for all round well-being. The participants appreciated the efforts and were happy to know the workings of meditation.

Highlights of Meditation Awareness program

  • Process of meditation and incorporating in daily life.
  • Health benefits of lowered blood pressure, stress reduction, and restful sleep.
  • To find greater self-understanding, to increase their intuitive powers, or to improve their ability to concentrate.
  • Growth in the areas associated with memory, empathy, sense of self, and stress regulation.