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Managers are not Leaders – A leadership Lesson

Managers are not Leaders – A leadership Lesson

 December 16, 2015

Recently I went through series of articles and some books about Management, to understand how Managers differ from Leaders. There has been a huge amount of money and time, spend to understand the difference. However I would like comment on some of the management Theories which are as useless as dust in the air. I suppose with limited knowledge what I posses I can always say that Indian history and Management system used in ancient times were far better than one which is used in US and Japan. There has been hardly any effort made to dig deeper and look at some of the greatest pearls if I may call. We are not only paralyzed by western culture however we are destroyed, by there way of thinking which doesn’t seem to work in Asian countries.

There has been too much of talks about Management theories in recent times, and some of the organization still doesn’t believe in leadership. Let’s define management so to understand and differentiate leadership, As per Wikipedia Management is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization (a group of one or more people or entities) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal. Wow doesn’t it seem like English to me it’s so complicated to understand.

Great Management Guru’s and wise great statesman in the past have contributed a great deal towards management. Chanakya, San Tzu and Machiavelli and list never seem to end. According to me the hottest topics till today is studying about” What women really wants and other one is Leadership and Management”. And the amazing part is no body knows a thing (Including me). Chanakya the master mind behind Mauryan Empire in India is considered as the first and best Management Gurus of all time.

In simple terms Management can be defined as a process of getting people to work towards a common goal and making sure that resources are used to the fullest.

There have been too many styles and theories I don’t think I will be able to write about all in one article however in this article I would like to talk about some of the useless management theories which won’t help any Leader to lead. As Marshall Goldsmith says in his wonderful book “What got you here won’t get you there”. Always remember the old saying – “People don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care.”

One of the funniest and widely used management styles in Indian Companies is called as Seagull Management. I was little fascinated and amused honestly I laughed for while when I came across Seagull management style, I m sure we have had instances where we have came across our bosses acting as Seagull Managers. Recently I was talking to one of the most senior persons in a well known company, and I asked him for the feedback about his Manager. Although I m not a person who would like to poke my nose in others business I just wanted to get a feel of it.

Wikipedia defines Seagull manager (Management) as interacting with employees only when a problem arises. Making hasty decisions about things they have little understanding of, then leaving others to deal with the mess behind. Here is another interesting thing about Seagull Manager; he is man who doesn’t listen to anyone else, even before you share your opinion about certain things. Before you complete he is out of it… He seems to be the busiest man on the planet some times he acts as if he is busy and things all around them are so DUMB. He certainly has the feeling being the smartest guy in the lot.

Here is some numbers for people who play and deal with numbers Thirty-two percent of employees spend at least twenty hours per month complaining about their boss.

Now the other interesting management style which is being used in recent times is well know to all of us. It’s called as MICRO Management. If you are manager, I m sure your boss would use this word quiet often. I had a typical Micromanager who managed the show pretty well; I can guarantee you these guys can damage the creativity and innovation of an employee completely. Let us define Micro Management “Micromanagement is style of Management that is characterized with over control, excessive monitoring of work by your boss. More than required attention paid towards some thing in the process of Managing.

Organizations are unable to build a cohesive environment because of Micro Managers. Remember it has said manier time’s people leave Managers not the companies, companies hire but people leave Bosses.

“The more you use your reins, the less they’ll use their brains” – The Horse Whisperer. Now we must also understand that the Generation X or Y what ever you call it, they are independent people. They wouldn’t want to some body to over control them. They like to think different and independent, if you are Micro Manager make sure you change that. However when there is a new employee getting inducted to your company you may look at micromanaging him until he learns his work perfectly well. He would appreciate the support and mentoring rendered to him.

This article of mine is not about leadership, I want people to know that there is a huge difference between what Leaders do and what Managers do. Leaders do not manage, they only lead. I can guarantee you they never believe in controlling people, they rather give all that support. They don’t over control; they let people learn from their mistake.

I can recall a business man, who did not even bother to punish his staff even after he made a hasty decision which costed the company millions of Dollars. Now that’s called as leadership, Leaders like to learn from mistakes. They are people who listen before they start speaking, they will understand your point view before expressing. I sincerely wish as we grow old more people to work under leaders, well it’s a tough call whether an organization wants to have more manager or leaders. But the fact is the more leaders the organization has the goals and vision it will achieve. And I would like to end this article with a great Leadership Poem by Kate Buxbaum-Prado and wish all of you HAPPY LEARNING……

An article by Sanjey S Meghavath

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