How to Improve Your Presentation Skills
How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Amidst the myriad of content available online and in social networking sites, people today are well informed and updated.  Then what do you think should be the capability of the person making the presentation? Extraordinary?

Not really.

As the famous quote states – It is the ordinary people who does things differently that makes them extraordinary!

The capability of the person expected to present in front of a crowd need not be phenomenal but simple.  It is a matter of a few easy steps that need to be considered at the background before one goes forward to present.

Let us look at the 7 simple steps to make a great presentation!

Know your Audience

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Understanding the pulse of the audience is of utmost importance.  Your presentation automatically becomes effective the minute you start addressing the WIIFM (What Is In It For Me). Spending time on some research on their backgrounds and expectations can be a good way to address audience needs and keep the presentation relevant to suit their requirements.

Gain Attention


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The ideal way to begin your presentation is to draw the audience’s attention through something unusual yet noteworthy.  It is said that the right first impression creates a positive lasting impression and that is the way we gain attention of the audience by beginning the presentation through something unique and different.  Good ways to gain attention could be by stating some unknown facts and figures, quiz, videos, etc.

Define the Objectives

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This is one common area where the best of presenters make a mistake. Lack of clarity on what the end objective of the presentation is going to be is unacceptable.  It is extremely crucial for a good presenter to list down on the end outcomes of his presentation.

Enhance the Visuals

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The learning styles of people are different. Ideally, the presentation should appeal to the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners. The platform used for presenting, commonly PPT slides used should be visually attractive.  Heavy and cluttered text and hazy images should be avoided.  Care needs to be taken in ensuring a supreme quality image is used with text that arouses inquisitiveness in the audience.

Tell a Story

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Make the presentation relevant by telling them a story. Storytelling is an art and it is through the drama and modulation in your expressions and voice that the attention of the audience is sustained. Personal experiences or third party experiences are good ways to tell a story and make the audience related to it.

Interact to Engage

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Engaging the participants through activities, humour and role-plays are ways in which the audience connects to you as a presenter and the content in the presentation. The minute it becomes a talk on a telling mode, the excitement about presentation is lost. Using props, sharing of experiences and discussions are ways to engage your audience. Honestly, remember to acknowledge and appreciate the participation of the audience if you expect more participation from their end. Simple gestures go a long way in continuing to make the presentation engaging.

Close to Remember

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Last but not least, just as you began your presentation with a bang drawing everybody’s attention, close in such a way that the audience remember your style or the presentation made by you.  There are no hard and fast rules in the things that you can do for the audience to remember your presentation.  That would define brand YOU in the way you had created an impact in the minds of the participants.

When somebody from your audience is able to recall a line that you have used in your presentation with a smile on his face, be rest assured that you have made an impact in that presentation!

Build your style and uniqueness in the way you present without compromising on the seven simple steps as your stepping stones to success!


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