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Management Tips to be a Great Leader & Leadership Skills

Management Tips to be a Great Leader & Leadership Skills

 October 12, 2016 Leadership skills, Leadership Tips, Leadership Training

  • Share Information

  • Always try to Share or Communicate the news that will help to improve team productivity and team bonding, so that your team members’ minds will not diverts and they will enjoy working.

  • Adjust Your Style

  • You have many different communication styles and personalities in your team.

    Don’t think that you can manage everyone the same way, and don’t assume everyone likes to be managed the way you like to be managed.

  • Have Fun

  • Yes, No one in the team want a feel of War Zone in office. Your team must enjoy working with you. Try to play games for few minutes with your team to refresh their minds.

  • Raise your Hand

  • If you want your team should start to follow your leadership, then you should be putting in extra hours. When your people see your putting in extra hours, they are inspired to jump in and follow your lead.

  • Say Thanks

  • Everyone on the earth need appreciation for their work or for their achievements. So, appreciate people on their good work and on achievements! A simple thank-you note makes a huge difference and it doesn’t cost a thing.

  • Remove Obstacles

  • Work Hard but with Smart Techniques. Don’t suppress creativity and innovation, and for this cut down some of the paperwork.

  • Focus Your Time

  • It’s the old 80/20 principle, Focus the majority of your time and attention on projects that generate 80% of your results and on the 20% of your people.

  • Empower Through Delegation

  • We know no one can do it as well as you can, BUT you need to delegate to give yourself time to complete tasks more appropriate for your level.

  • Set Small milestones

  • Remember for Achieving Larger Goals, Always Set Small Milestones that will lead you to Achieve Larger Goals. Don’t Get Depressed and Don’t let your Team get Depressed while achieving their Larger Goals.

  • Give Feedback

  • A Leader should always give feedback to their team, as it is crucial in making their team as productive as possible

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