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Game Based Learning

Game Based Learning

We deploy game elements to deliver core content or specific skills in an engaging manner.

With our gamification strategy we take your eLearning to the next level! We believe that learning should be fun and motivating. We combine the gamified elements with instructional design and bring the real-world context to learning so that your learners can practice in a safe environment. Our Gamification solutions support all kinds of training ranging from induction to compliance.

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Game based learning is where game characteristics and principles are embedded within learning activities. ... Game based learning is also an active learning technique where games are used to enhance learning.


Real-Time Experience

Throughout the course, the learners choose actions – and experience the consequences of those actions along the way, especially through knowledge checks and assessments


Always up-to-date

Content is continuously reviewed to make sure it’s always relevant.


Game Mechanics

Game elements are integrated to drive engagement - badges, leaderboards, level progressions, and quests.



Badges and leaderboards encourage learners to try harder, access more courses, and push their development forward.


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