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CLEAR your thoughts to manage stress better

CLEAR your thoughts to manage stress better

Has the term stress become a fashion expression or do you associate your inability to do something perfectly to the name? It is time to ponder and differentiate the feelings you experience with the idiom. While stress is caused many times by people and circumstances, the biggest culprit of stress is you and your own thoughts. Let us use the acronym CLEAR and understand how by clearing your thoughts, you can manage stress better.


C – Creating Stories

We are great scriptwriters and storytellers.  While there is a huge difference between what exactly has happened and what we have made out of what has happened, even before deciphering what exactly has happened stories are conceived, written and already shared coupled with emotions of frustration and anger.  Hold on and tell yourself Pause – Rewind – Play to, first of all, understand what exactly has happened.

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L – Listen

Our baggage of experience is so phenomenal that we don’t have any patience to listen empathetically to others.  We always want to speak first, more and pour our heart to the other person who also wants to do a similar thing.  While you speak you also judge the other person without actually understanding his actual concern.  Listening actively and empathetically often helps you in unveiling the root cause of the problem and enables you to deal with people or situations better.

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E – Empty your Cup

Being open and flexible is one of the fundamental quality required to not fall prey to stress. The more rigidity you display in your character, the tougher it gets to handle people and situations.  Be like water agile and flow in to take the shape of the container it is poured into.  Life would get easier and simple by inculcating this attitude consciously.

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A – Are you in control of everything around you?

Another reason why we extend our character of rigidity is because we feel we have to be in control about everything.  This quality makes you being hard on yourself and causes more anxiety.  Anxiety transforms into perennial stress and becomes a way of life for many.  Not a good sign! Stress being a way of life can cause myriad of physical and mental health issues.  So, break your shackles lose and take life as it comes.  You can be in control of your words, behaviour and actions.  However, it is time you realize you have no control over other people’s words, behaviour, actions and challenging situations.

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R – Respond, don’t react

We cannot communicate. Our reactions are not only measured by the words we speak but also by the way we communicate non-verbally. Yes, certainly our verbal and non-verbal communication are under our control and we can train ourselves to respond courteously no matter what the situation is. Reacting instantaneously may lead you to a more confusing labyrinth of stress. Taking time out to introspect and understand the situation or perspective thoroughly can simplify your life.

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Easier said than done though.  The sooner you consciously take charge of your emotions and behaviour, you will develop capabilities of a mature, confident and a reliable professional. So CLEAR your thoughts to manage stress better!

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