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Education with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Education with Augmented Reality

With AR, classroom education can be extraordinary and more interactive, as AR can enable teachers to show virtual examples of concepts and add gaming elements to provide textbook material support. This will enable students to learn faster and memorize information. Human memory doesn't forget visuals easily. Project-based learning not only providesopportunities for students to collaborate or drive their learning, but it also teaches them skills such as problem-solving and helps to develop additional skills integral to their future, such as critical thinking and time management.

Wagons educational products offer an affordable solution to integrating AR in the classroom. You need only a Wagons app and a compatible mobile device (Android or Apple). Improve comprehension of abstract concepts by interacting with 3D and 4D objects. For example, freely manipulating 3D geometric shapes allows students to explore them from any angle, improving spatial visualization.

With a mobile device or tablet, teachers and students can use AR apps to access projection-based, location- based, or recognition-based experiences so that objects, artifacts, or media appear to be in the room. Students are then able to interact with that content by moving around, getting closer to it, and manipulating it to research and learn more about it.

  • Augmented Reality supports students’ learning styles.
  • Engages students both inside and outside the classroom, improves test-score by up to 33%, and increases retention rate by up to 100%.
  • Augmented Reality is the new inspiring technology enriching the real world with 3D and 4D Graphics: to facilitate the educational visualization process.
  • School Curriculum-based contents are validated by teachers and tested by happy customers (school kids).
  • Motivation to learn through a great combination of technology and interactive education for modern kids.

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