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Achieving a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Achieving a Perfect Work-Life Balance

Putting your foot down at work is always better than becoming a scapegoat

Learn to say ‘NO’

 As the famous quote goes “You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.  We all work to live not live to work.  You need to draw the lines distinctly between your work and home life. Honestly, it is you who chooses to draw the line or become a victim in getting dragged in to all the tasks neatly bundled over your head.  Making it clear to your boss that it is time to take time off is essential.

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Though initially it helps in creating a perception that sending mails late night is cool, it can have a toxic effect when it becomes a habit.  You have become a victim of people’s unwarranted expectations.

It is possible to categorically state your availability at work between the start time and end time and work productively during the said time duration.  There is often this perception that people who stay back at work are the ones really working hard. When something gets added to your to do list while you are set to leave for the day, it is certainly a good idea to tell your boss that, “I shall start working on this, the minute I reach office tomorrow” rather than please your boss by staying back and finish work the same day.

Observe the stressful moments in a day

Do you talk to yourself?  Do you check your own pulse rate?  Indeed, we fail to!  There are some parts of the day when we are on the verge of nervous breakdown.  It could be in the morning when your kids are getting ready to leave for schools, packing their bags and keeping their uniforms neatly ironed or it could be the traffic jam which never lets you reach on time no matter how early you begin your journey.

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It is a good idea to proactively think of ways and means by which we can be more organized. The less cluttered our brain is the more productive we are.

We feel this but we don’t do

Very often we envy people taking time off for walks and gym.  Pursuing hobbies, going on leisure trips, being with friends are ways to unwind and relax.  All of us have 24 hours in a day, some people choose to give time to such activities while others choose not to.  As you make your personal life your priority, automatically, your productivity at work improves.

Casual Work Culture

An organization does not have a casual culture, by encouraging employees wear casual attire every day.  The con-calls, the mails and the messages deeply traumatize the employees that they carry stress home.  Disconnecting from all the social network sites on reaching home is good way to enjoy a happy family life.

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The irony is that many a times even in working from home kind of a set-up, the stress levels can go beyond control.  It is absolutely up to the individual to decide to what extent he or she should get involved and detach while at work.

Health is Wealth

Seeing work in your sleep is the first indication that you are reaching burnout.  It becomes very crucial to disconnect from work, and de-clutter your thoughts by doing something which is more healing.  Taking time outs during the day and short breaks during the month can benefit our health. A disciplined life with healthy diets can boost immunity and well-being. It is essential to take care of things that are within our control and health is one such thing.  So take time out to recuperate and relax!

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