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A Solid Step Towards Cashless Society – Training Program

A Solid Step Towards Cashless Society – Training Program

 December 20, 2016

After demonetization whole country is facing problems in day to day transactions whether it is Small-Scale Business, Large Scale Industries, or even daily transaction of common man. This is because of our own mindset to deal mostly with the cash, but it is not our fault we are practicing this since childhood. But the way things are changing we should also adapt this change. We should learn how to deal with this situation.

To tackle these day to day problems, we at Wagons Skills Foundation has taken the initiative to make things work smoothly for all. We’re successfully designed and implementing the training program named “Towards Cashless Society” at various levels of our society.

The objective of this program is to educate people on “How the purchases of goods or services can be made by debit / credit cards or electronic funds rather than with cash”. And we’ve got a great response to it. This program has helped many business owners and common man to live hassle free in this current tedious stage after demonetization.

Advantages of Cashless Society Training Program:

  • Learn cashless ways of doing business.
  • Increase awareness of going cashless in day to day life whether personal or in business.
  • Increase awareness of individual contribution towards a strong economy by going cashless.
  • Building society fighting against corruption by going cashless.

Feature of Program:

  • Introduction and benefits of cashless economy
  • Steps to be taken towards cashless society
  • Advantages of going cashless
  • Individual roles to play
  • Introduction to Cashless Payment options

To know more or avail benefits of this program, write us at contact@wagonslearning.com or call 020-65606055.

A glimpse of the program:

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