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5 Fundamental Rules to Discover the Leader in You

5 Fundamental Rules to Discover the Leader in You

 February 12, 2019

Leadership is the ability to deal with situations and people in an inspiring way. When one inspires others with respect to the way one manages self, others and situations, that person is perceived to be a person with leadership qualities. There is no perfect style to leadership. However, there are certain fundamental rules which determine one to be called a leader. Let us take a closer look at these fundamentals and accordingly examine whether we have the possibility of becoming an inspiring leader.

Rule # 1 – Know What You Want

Having clarity on the end outcome is very important. Understanding where you are now and where you want to see yourself in the future is critical in establishing the vision one needs to accomplish in life. It is said visualization is the process through which clarity is developed in what one wants to achieve in life. All of us visualize but only a few of us are aware of the process taking place within us. One has to develop that additional sense of consciousness to convert the images created by the brain through visualization into tangible parameters. These tangible parameters in the form of goals give us direction towards the future course of action.

Know What You Want

Rule # 2 – Practise What You Preach

You are continuously being observed, judged and evaluated whenever you are in a responsible position. You become a role model for the people whom you work with. It is of paramount importance that there is a balance maintained between what is preached and practiced by you. Any kind of contradiction between what is practiced and preached can harm your established credibility among people. It is extremely important to be empathetic towards others conscious about self to be looked up as a role model.

Practise What You Preach

Rule # 3 – Attitude Determines Altitude

Adornt yourself with a positive attitude and that is a true determinant of your success in life. Rejections and failures are a part of everyone’s life. Taking them in the right stride is essential to do well in life and inspire others. Loving what you do brings in the best in you. Working with passion and enthusiasm without compromising on the values brings out the winner in you

Attitude Determines Altitude

Rule # 4 – Evaluate Yourself

Life is all about continuous learning. It is crucial to develop a mechanism to continuously evaluate oneself to evolve into a more competent individual. Identifying your strengths and areas of improvement is the first step to achieve this state of consciousness. Very often we are either over-confident and feel that we are invincible, not ready to accept you have some flaws that have to be improved. On the other hand, we lack the confidence to even accept that we are good at doing certain things. The maturity to admit to failures and weaknesses is important for one to transform and progress in life. One needs to have the drive to consistently educate and improve oneself.

Evaluate Yourself

Rule # 5 – Make a Difference

Are you a person who positively influences the other? Do people look up to you for sharing your inputs? Do they remember you fondly for your thoughts, words and action? If the answer to all the questions is a Yes, then you have succeeded in making a difference to the life of others. Communication is the key to expressing thoughts and feelings with respect to others and building relationships. Motivation is the key to getting things done from others. Appreciating others for the wonderful work done will not demean you in any way. Be generous with positive words. The more you give, the more you get back. The more you appreciate and do for others, the more is done by others for you in life.

Make a Difference

While all of us have the leader hidden inside us, it is important for us to identify and awaken it. Let us start exhibiting our leadership qualities without waiting for the right time and emerge as a true leader!

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