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The 7 Secrets of Work Place Etiquette

The 7 Secrets of Work Place Etiquette

“No matter whether you are in the process of joining your dream job or whether you are a professional with many years of experience at work, the seriousness with which people take you has a lot to do with the way you behave and present yourself at work.”

1 – Science of First Impression:

It is said that the first impression has a lasting impression.  You create an impression even when you do not speak out a word.  Be watchful of your body language and work on it so that they are appropriate.  You may choose to take feedback from your close friends and family to work on it.

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 2 – Stay away from gossips:

Maturity at work in dealing with people is something that can be consciously worked on.  Judging people while they are at work negatively is not always correct.  Maturity is about accepting others the way they are and the way they work.  Let us accept that no two people are their ideologies are exactly the same.  So, rather than passing judgments over others, proving them wrong and wasting your precious time, let us also look at how we are being judged by others.

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3 – Share your thoughts:


Very often it is not what you say that is important, but the way you convey that makes a lot of difference.  It could be communicating through WhatsApp or SMS, emails and Instant Messengers.  Being assertive without hurting the ego of colleagues, superiors and subordinates is an art that needs to be cultivated.

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4 – Synchronize with your work environment:

Every organization has a culture predominantly defined by the top management of the organization.  It could be an open door policy, freedom given to people to express their thoughts irrespective of designations or the strictly hierarchy driven culture.  It is of considerable importance to align oneself to the culture of the organization to be able to contribute with involvement.  The first step to follow whenever you are new to any organization is to observe the manner in which individuals and groups interact and accordingly understand the culture.

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5 – Stop being an open book

While it is always a good idea to be open and knows more about others even in a professional set-up, be wary of the limits to which you share your personal life at work.  Talking too much about personal life may very often make people assume many things about you, your character and your life.  At the same time, when others trust you to share personal information take all that needs to safeguard the information shared with you rather than leaking it out in public.  These are instances in which you build your own credibility in the eyes of others.  This helps in building your reputation and people respect you for what you are at work!

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6 –  Set the right tone


While people have become very broadminded when it comes to dressing etiquette, yet there is a very thin line of difference between what is appropriate and indecent.  It is not only the way you dress but actually the manner in which you carry yourself with the dress on.  Wearing the right footwear, accessories, make-up, lipstick and nail paint colour are aspects that need to be kept in mind while at work.  The neck cut, slits, height of the skirts, fitting of the tops, the belt and shoe colour coordination, the length of the tie, the buttons of the sleeves are all parameters that one needs to be aware of while wearing them.

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7 – Showcase your strengths


We all have a set of attributes that we are known for.  Identify them and work on them as your individual strengths.  Do make people know that if there is work that requires your plethora of strengths, you will definitely make time for it.  This helps you in building credibility towards your own self that is brand you.  Be respected for your strengths and don’t die for attention and limelight.  Be generous in doing your bit of work and being known widely throughout the organization for your expertise.

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The 7 secrets which when practiced at work can give you optimum results, joy and a sense of satisfaction!  This is because without speaking much, you have made your colleagues, superiors and subordinates understand the professionalism in you!

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