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4 Essential Qualities  of Corporate Trainer

4 Essential Qualities of Corporate Trainer

The training and development of employees is crucial to any organization’s performance. For businesses, the aim is to gain a competitive advantage.  For other organizations you’ll want to improve how you work or obtain better outcomes.  Ultimately, all organizations are looking to optimize their human resources by honing the skills of their workforce. For this purpose every organization seeks few qualities in corporate trainers.

Whether the trainer is presenting sales training, management training, finance training, leadership training or customer service training the core skills and abilities for a successful business trainer are the same.

I read somewhere that – “Good trainers don’t teach subjects but they teach people” – I would like to modify that statement a little and say “Good trainers don’t teach subjects but they motivate people to learn what is being taught.”

4 Essential qualities of a corporate trainer

 1. Methodical and well-planned

Trainers must be good organizers. They must be able to schedule sessions to meet a company’s training priorities, and to make efficient use of training facilities and resources. For any training sessions, they must ensure that the venue is set up correctly for the type of training and all resources are in place.

They must also manage their time during individual sessions so that they can finish the course and allow time for questions or discussion. Extending a training session beyond its scheduled end time shows you’re poor time management skills. You may end 5-10 mins earlier than planned but try not to go over the scheduled end time.

2. Highly knowledgeable and competent enough

A trainer’s competency means that they have the particular skills and knowledge relevant to the industry area in which they are delivering. Corporate trainers must be able to anticipate the kinds of questions they will be asked during the course of a session and be prepared to give clear, concise answers. This means possessing a mastery of the subject at hand.

3. Good in communication / presentation

Corporate trainers must have good presentation and communication skills to deliver training effectively. They must be equally competent at lecturing a large group, demonstrating a skill or technique, and conducting a one-to-one coaching session.

4. Be practical enough to make the overall training session fruitful to the trainees

One of the most important capabilities of a trainer is the ability to be flexible during your training. Sometimes you may need to change your teaching style to adapt to your audience, shorten or jump topics. You may need to improvise with your activities, come up with different examples, find new ways to explain the same topic etc. Demonstrate and apply teaching points to create greater understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Training can be a very rewarding profession if it accomplishes its mission!


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